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It costs most dealerships around 0k a week just to open the doors.

If you'd invested M in a dealership, you'd be wanting to make a return.....

I salary package my current car (VF sv6 wagon, also will be packaging the redline) and the dealer is buying out my current lease @ k, however because they can't give me the full amount Plus the discounts on ordering through lease company (using lease company quotes) the dealer is paying my full k out and not giving other discounts (to recoup their costs), which ultimately doesn't affect me that much in my weekly deductions. 95 dealer delivery 11 gst12 lct00 rego, Ctp, stamp duty I don't pay the gst as the lease company wears that. Now I'm sure I've perhaps paid a bit more than what I could have just walking in off the street and haggling, but like I said my situation doesn't permit that to happen which is accepted by me. As I mentioned above, I'm happy to have my lease at 64k, as it gets my current one paid out and into a new redline all for a small increase in my weekly deductions.

Essentialy though, I'm paying out a portion of my current lease with part of the purchase price of new car. I'm seeing prices of around k for ssv (not redline) sedan.

The full driveaway price is 63.5K on the Holden site. I go straight to Sydney, get a 3 day transfer rego and get it registered on Monday morning.

If you read my original post, my current cars buyout figure is k, the dealer can't meet that 100% so they're giving me the 28k but making up their shortfall in sale of new car.... Considering the OP asked for what people had paid and for what. Because I was salary packaging, the dealer even 'reimbursed' me for ACT stamp duty and rego etc. Got k over the phone with a credit card deposit for the same car.

There's no factory bonuses at present and on top of that Holden has taken a big export order and Avis order for January, so don't expect a big discount for a while, if ever.Based in Vic Now the wait begins I've been told more than likely early Feb...seems like a lifetime. Anyone who buys a SSV Redline Sedan, please quote me and let me know what price you got. 400 drive away is the lowest so far, with no extras!!I've got a ssv redline wagon in slipstream blue, week 1 November build, hopefully in my driveway end of November. ,900 car price 20 Tow bar, Mats, boot liner, tint, paint.Please post what you paid, what car variation you bought and if any extras/accessories, etc were added? , to give people a realistic ball park figure when negotiating to get a better deal.I am in the market for a SSV Redline Sedan – Auto, wing spoiler, 20" wheels and tinted....interested to see what others are paying.

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That's basically how it works, even for the manufacturer's.

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