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I ordered yesterday and got it today Jan.25th 2017. I just received yesterday from my wife for Christmas.

I looked at so many brands and finally decided to go for RT81 , played few LPs the sound quality is so good for the price you pay. I was a little worried because i had never heard of this brand.

"Read the Full Review"Music played on the record player was deep and smooth with excellent clarity.

In general, there was low distortion, sparkling treble, and strong bass across the records we listened to, from Broadway to Drake."Read the Full Review In 1968 I bought complete AR (Acoustic Research) set-up; turntable, amplifier, and 2a speakers.

It arrived today and I forced myself to read the set-up instructions al the way through and yes, it's easy.

Based on reviews, price, looks, and everything else I could devour I chose the Fluance RT 81.After buying TWO others entry level turntables - and returned them - I got the RT81, and that's is all I need. At first I bought an under-0 table from a major online retailer.First off, I will start talking about the packaging: I noticed the attention to detail even when I was unpacking that beauty. As I use to say "less is more", and this turntable does not have all those crap buttons or whatever, it's straightforward and simple to operate. It worked, but the sound limitations were just unacceptable -- all of the loudest notes distorted and the sound was just too fuzzy overall.I'm listening to Glenn Gould playing Bach keyboard concertos, and I can hear every note, every string in the orchestra, and all his singing (he was famous for singing along as he played). I will be doing some reviews on You Tube about her performance pretty soon. Cartridge as good as legendary Shure M91ED From the 70's. Start up with arm movement and Turn off at end, very nice! Purchased the RT81 and I don't think you can get a better turntable for the price. My opinion is that it performs just as good or better than a higher end turntable.I don't remember what things sounded like when my whole AR set-up was brand new, but I can say with confidence my records haven't sounded this good in more than 20 years at least. Let me say again how easy this TT is to set up if you follow the instructions, how absolutely lovely it sounds, and how happy I am with this TT. This turntable deserves more than 5 starts for the price you pay. Had slow speed issue, easy correction with adjustment on bottom. I am not new to vinyl, this replaced my Technics SL D-2 that i had since 1980, but this sounds great.

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