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Upon awakening and finding Red gone from the cottage, Granny shows up at the party to look for her.She chides some of the youngsters, including Violet, Beatrice, and Florence, for being out late when there are wolves lurking in the woods.During the same year, Granny relents to Red's constant questions about her parents and fabricates a story about them.She tells Red that a single arrow pierced both of their hearts when hunters mistook them for a wolf during wolfstime.In one year during January after a blizzard has passed, Granny brings a ten-year-old Red with her to the blacksmith's house, where she barters with Peter's father for arrowheads while Red has a snowball fight with Peter.During February a year later, Granny bakes her famed gooseberry tarts for Red to bring as a picnic treat for Violet, Beatrice, and Florence.Although Granny has hopes the curse skipped a generation, she gains help from wizard, who gives her a red cloak to stop the transformation when the wearer puts it on.On Red's thirteenth birthday, Granny gifts the cloak to Red, telling her to wear it always to repel wolves.

As the pair lock up for the night, Red pours cider for Granny and puts a dose of poppy dust in it, in the hopes of putting her grandmother asleep while she sneaks out to Peter's birthday party.Widow Lucas, better known as Granny, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time.She débuts in the first episode of the first season. She is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Granny, and is the main reality version of Granny.Upon her return, Red refrains from telling Granny that the girls were mean to her and expresses a desire to use a magic spell to gain friendship.Granny advises her not to because magic, even when used with good intentions, has a cost no one is ever prepared to make.

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Six years later, Granny wakes up one morning to find Red attempting to bake and decorate a cake for Peter's birthday.

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