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The latter one allows you to write formatted output. Init () When the page is instantiated, Load() when the page is loaded into server memory; Pre Render() for the brief moment before the page is displayed to the user as HTML and Unload() when the page finishes loading. Are concurrent accesses by multiple requests executing on multiple threads a concern with session state? If I update session state then should I lock it, too?

That includes all COM objects written with Visual Basic 6.0.

After you get a node, you get the value of attributes or child nodes. To add a node, use the Create Element method or the Create Node method.

To add a data node such as a book, use the Create Element method.

For any other type of node such as a comment, whitespace node, or CDATA node, use the Create Node method. These methods could be used in an application that enables users to move books up and down in a list of books.

This example creates a book node, adds attrubutes to that node, and then adds that node to the document. When a user chooses a book and presses an up or down button, your code could call methods like these to position the corresponding book node before or after other book nodes.

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Persistent authentication cookies do not time-out and therefore are a more serious security threat if stolen. Note that VSDISCO files are disabled in the release version of ASP. You can reenable them by uncommenting the line in the section of Machine.config that maps *.vsdisco to System. Is it possible to prevent a browser from caching an ASPX page?

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