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CA Labor Code Section 201 If an employee quits and gives their employer at least seventy-two (72) hours notice, the employer must pay the employee all wages due at the time of quitting.

If the employee fails to provide their employer with at least seventy-two (72) hours notice prior to quitting, the employer must pay the employee all wages due within seventy-two (72) hours after the time of quitting.

An employer must comply with CA Labor Code Section 226(a) relating to total hours worked by the employee if the overtime hours are recorded as a correction on the itemized statement for the next regular pay period and include the dates of the pay period for which the correction is being made.

CA Labor Code Section 204(b)(2) Some exceptions apply to these requirements.

An employer must keep accurate payroll records, including wage deductions, on each employee for a minimum of three years, and such records must be made readily available for inspection by the employee upon reasonable request.

The employer must maintain accurate production records.

require an employee to pay the cost of any pre-employment medical or physical examination, including a drug test, taken as a condition of employment or any medical or physical examination required by any federal or state law or regulation, or local ordinance.

CA Labor Code Section 201.5 In case of a dispute over wages between an employer and employee, the employer must timely pay, without condition, all wages, or parts thereof, conceded by him to be due to the employee, leaving to the employee all remedies he might otherwise be entitled to as to any balance claimed.

The employer may retain the disputed amount until the matter is resolved. App.3d 1 (1981) (it is unlawful for an employer to deduct from an employee’s final paycheck a balloon payment to repay the employee’s debt to employer even when the employee has authorized the payment in writing); CSEA v. App.3d 374 (1988) (it is unlawful to deduct past salary advances that were in error from an employee’s wages); Hudgins v. App.4th 1109 (1995) (it is unlawful to deduct unidentified returns from commission sales from an employee’s wages.) An employer may not deduct amounts from an employee’s wages due to a cash shortage, breakage or loss of property, or a dishonored check, unless it can be shown that the shortage, breakage, or loss is caused by a dishonest or willful act, or by the gross negligence of the employee.

CA Labor Code Section 222.5 California does not have a law addressing when or how an employer may reduce an employee’s wages or whether an employer must provide employees notice prior to instituting a wage reduction. of Industrial Relations states that an employer must give an employee prior notice of a change in pay periods.

Presumably, this notice requirement would apply to any reduction in wage rates as well. Moreover, a wage reduction can only be applied to hours worked after the change and cannot be applied to hours already worked.

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Generally, your employer must pay you on a specified pay day and cannot post date your check.

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