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America will gather around their DVRs in yoga pants and whimsical shirts with wine drinking slogans to watch Bachelor Ben Peter Brady’s journey to find love after being left in the wake of one skinny jeans wearing villain and one fake Gosling.

Will he be able to handle the pressure that comes with the responsibility of corralling a roomful of Laurens and a pair of twins vying for 15 minutes of fame and a spot on next year’s Rose Parade float? For those of you who may have skipped one of the most talked about seasons of , here’s a quick recap detailing what we know about our beloved Peter Brady.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought the same thing when exploring an ancient castle on a deserted island.

Then Peter takes the conversation to a deeper level.

He shares with Kaitlyn that sometimes he feels unlovable because of how his relationship ended with an ex-girlfriend.

Doves are her spirit animal and the evil Farmer who left her to sweat to death before literally getting cock blocked by a rooster in Bali never once asked her the stories behind her body art. Mom always said, “Don’t jump rope in the house.” COVER YOUR NOSE KAITLYN!


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